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Through the landscapes Patrimony of the Umanity Unesco

Surrounded by nature

Welcome to Fubine ‘pais dal bèl Munfrà’ (‘village of the beautiful Monferrato’). Lying between the hills and the plains, Fubine is a small town in the middle of Monferrato of about 1600 inhabitants. Its patron is St. Christopher, protector of pilgrims and travelers. Here you will find the Fubinesi who will guide you through the many beauties of our town that today attracts lovers of art, history, and culture, as well as lovers of relaxation, leisure, and good food. Here you will be stimulated by a beautiful territory and by a broad program of events resulting from the creativity of the people who animate the life of this community. 


The best way to start discovering Fubine Monferrato is to pass through its alleys and be captivated by the colors and flavors of truffle, honey, and hazelnut. Here the watchword is ‘SLOW.’ It is a territory to be enjoyed slowly on foot or by bike, along the little roads amid nature. Fubine is the starting point for exploring Monferrato, a land of great historical and artistic interest that attracts visitors and gourmets from all over the world. Those who arrive here always find hospitality, useful services and lots of sky in front of them.

Fubine is also a synonymous of sports and proud of it’s Golf Club Margara, among one of the largest in Northern Italy.

Golf Club Margara

Via Tenuta Margara, 7  T. 39 0131 778 555  

Trail 860 ‘The old sources’

Trail 860 is a ring route that winds through the hills and valleys surrounding the village of Fubine. Ideal for walking and mountain biking.

Length 13.88 km Time 3 hours and 30’ Difficulty E (hiking) Signs CAI 860

Sport & Natura
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